Favourite Thing Friday

This week, the favourite thing I’d like to share is Know Direction, the Pathfinder News Reviews and Interviews podcast. A couple of big highlights: interviews with Paizo staff, great hosts, and interesting topics. In the last year they’ve been pretty focused on covering the Pathfinder play test and the launch of Pathfinder Second Edition. You can find their site at Knowdirectionpodcast.com and if you podcast at all I recommend checking them out.

One of the things I appreciate most about these guys are their seminars recorded from Gencon and Paizo Con. Covering topics as diverse as how to write for Paizo, creating a new planet, using the beginner box, or how best to add ambiance to your games, there’s something for everyone.

In the last year or so they’ve started a couple actual plays and added a Starfinder podcast. If you’re a Paizo fan there’s no reason not to at least try this one out. Their discussions are also of use to general gamers, as they are not constantly focused on Pathfinder mechanics.

Check back Monday for the next instalment in Sequel Campaigns, and have a great weekend!

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