Favourite Thing Friday

This week, my Favourite Thing is Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, a weekly podcast produced by Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws. These veteran game designers group their discussions into a number of “huts” including the Gaming Hut, Trade-Craft Hut, Elliptany Hut. Topics discussed revolve around game design, game mastering, how to write well, what occult forces might be at work in apparently mundane events, and other gaming tropes. The segments are generally well presented and well researched, and deal with a variety of game genres including “F20 Games,” specific projects Ken or Robin are writing (mostly, but not exclusively Gumshoe Engine games), and a whole lot of Cthulhu Mythos, historical, occult, and espionage related goodness.

Ken and Robin’s banter is good, and this is one of my weekly favourites. I highly recommend this podcast to game masters, aspiring designers, and anyone who enjoys alternate history, horror, or weird science.

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