Ysoki Part 2: Heritages

Ysoki can select any of the goblin heritages. Blog post complete!

Just kidding, although that’s a good start; I imagine the Ysoki in a fantasy setting being industrious and adaptable to a variety of environments. In my sequel campaign (see Monday Musings) the Ysoki could be primarily aligned with Kærth, but that would almost automatically force them into a outsider role.

So, then, the question I might ask is what role do I want the Ysoki to play in North Harbour? And how does North Harbour sustain itself?

Ysoki could have an ability that lets them scrounge and scavenge to fuel ritual magic, and that would let them turn cave fungus, wandering murder hobos, and very small rocks into delicious food.

What if the Ysoki are the reason the city has sustainable food supplied? How would they do that? One way would to be allow them to create food magically somehow. The spell Create Food is second level, though, so it would be fairly unbalancing to allow these rat-folk to just cast it. Similarity, the magical mansion spells are great at feeding a lot of people, except they range from seventh to ninth level. Summoning spells are explicitly not an option according to the rules as written (the creatures cease to exist at the end of the spell) to supply food. Ritual magic is a nice solution: Ysoki NPC’s can ensure a daily supply of food while also quietly directing the affairs of North Harbour.

So, here it is: Ysoki Heritages

Scrounger: Ysoki Scroungers are Trained in Crafting, and may break an unwielded item in one action.

Carrier: Ysoki Carriers may store up to one bulk of items in their cheek pouches. It takes a single action to store or retrieve a stored item from a cheek pouch.

Caster: Ysoki Casters are trained in Arcana, Religion, Nature, or Occult, and gain a +2 bonus on checks to complete ritual magic.

Skulker: Ysoki Skulkers are trained in stealth and gain a +2 bonus to Stealth checks.

Next week, I’ll come up with some ancestry feats for Ysoki.

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