Favourite Thing: Pathfinder Wiki

This week, my favourite thing is the Pathfinder Wiki. When I’m playing or running a game set in Golarion, this is an indispensable resource. Want to know which deities are which alignment, what a city is like, or key information about metaphysics? Pathfinder Wiki. Check it out.

When I started running games back in 2001, I bought a copy of The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for D&D 3e. It laid out, kind of like an encyclopedia, its titular campaign setting; however, if I wanted to know about connections between places, people, and the overall meta plot, I basically had to know the book from front to back. Wikis are the best thing because of the interconnected nature of how they present information.

Adventure writing is easier and faster because the research is easier and faster. Coming up with character backgrounds is also a snap, because I can pluck out a thing that’s interesting and write it into my background.

Next week I’m going to have some links to online rules sources.

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