Ysoki Heritage Feats

If this is the first bit on Ysoki you’re reading at the blog, check out the previous posts:

One thing I want to define is the role of the Ysoki in my sequel campaign (sequel campaign? check out the Monday Musings series), and so far I’ve decided that I want them to be good at ritual magic, and also to provide food for North Harbour. I also want them to have an unsettling presence, and to be good at sneaking things. At this point, I’m just going to write the first level Ancestry feats – I’m not sure if the sequel campaign will run beyond the first few levels at this point.

Ysoki Chanter (Ysoki) Level 1
Ysoki Chanters can use Arcane, Nature, Occult, or Religion in place of the primary skill when they are casting rituals. Rituals cast by Ysoki Chanters take one hour less to complete for each additional Ysoki Chanter participating in the ritual; ritual casting still takes a minimum of one hour.

Regurgitation (Ysoki) Level 1
As a reaction you may expel one item from your cheek pouches into your hand.

Unsettling Aura (Ysoki) Level 1
Once per day you may cast Daze.

These ones meet my initial needs to define the role of the Ysoki during my sequel campaign, but typically there is a racial weapon feat, and for the Ysoki I’d also add a couple of options to improve their alchemy and crafting abilities.

We just started playing the Lovecraftian adventure path, so next week I’ll probably look at the sanity/madness rules and how they might be updated to Pathfinder Second Edition.

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