NPC / Monster / Hazard Creation Rules Preview

Paizo posted an excerpt from the upcoming Gamemastery Guide Monster and NPC creation rules, and since I’m signed up to use the compatibility licence (you can tell because I’ve got the fine print and logo at the bottom) I got a heads up in my e-mail! (If you’d like a copy of your very own, click here.)

If you’ve read through Pathfinder Unchained or the monster creation rules for Starfinder, there shouldn’t be any surprises here. Basically, there are a bunch of modifiers listed by level and categorized as Extreme, High, Moderate, and Low, and then you add on relevant abilities. Keywords have abilities attached to them, so if you’re creating an Aeon of some kind, you can make sure that they don’t feel left out when they go to the meetings. Suggested patterns of modifiers are also suggested for different roles of creatures.

These rules look much easier to use than the monster creation rules from Pathfinder First Edition – seriously, I made some creatures and had to find software to manage the numbers – largely because instead of using the same rules for PC’s monster creation is here focused on what players are most likely to notice. One section advises specifically against giving monsters invisible abilities (like Bless) since those raise stats but are not necessarily interesting.

The list of rules systems in the Gamemastery Guide is also previewed, and I think I’m going to buy a copy. Lots of optional rules systems will appear in it, and since I’m playing in Paizo’s sandbox, I won’t try to come up with my own entire systems, when I can look at additions and modifications of theirs.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll create some monsters and NPC’s using these rules and post the results on The Lost Muse Gaming Blog. At first read, I like it a lot. It looks like it will be easier to use, and let me spend more time working on plot and characterization rather than doing math problems. (Fun math problems are still math problems.)

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