Pathfinder Second Edition GM Screen Review

The Pathfinder Second Edition GM Screen is basically everything I want in a screen. It’s in landscape format, on a very durable stock, and has a set of very useful tables.

Good Things: almost every table I want or need is here. Conditions. Basic Actions. What each skill does. Skill DC’s and how to adjust them.

Medium Things: The inclusion of the XP Awards and Encounter construction tables feels a touch off for me, but that’s a me thing. I’m not in the habit of following the Party-Level Encounter guidelines from first edition, and don’t generally use a screen in my game prep. That said, about 80% of the screen is really quite good, and even the less useful charts still present some at-table utility.

The art is technically full-panel (I won’t buy a screen which isn’t) but cheats by having a column and terrain features on the hinges which somewhat divide the panels. It has a bunch of iconics doing iconic Pathfinder things, and sets the tone well. It’s not my favorite piece, but does the job.

Bad Things: I have no significant complaints. There’s a few charts I won’t use, but a lot more that I will.

Overall, I highly recommend this screen for Pathfinder Second Edition GM’s, if only for the panel listing out all of the conditions. If you’ve got condition cards, however, the utility of the screen decreases somewhat. I won’t call it an essential play aid, but I anticipate it being very helpful in my next campaign.

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