Blog relaunch?

I’ve been having trouble keeping this blog up for a couple reasons, but mainly because for a stretch I’ve not been playing Pathfinder. I am also thinking about rebranding, and publishing some Rpg materials, but The Lost Muse is too close to another company’s trademarks.

What I’m going to do is this: publish under another name, and keep the Lost Muse as a fan site. I’ll be switching it to use Paizo’s community licence soon, which also lets me play in Paizo’s playground. For you, dear reader, all this means is that you’ll be getting the same kinds of content I’ve already been posting: thoughts about subsystems, reviews of Pathfinder Second Edition products, and some campaign recaps.

I’m also working in a set of comics, but won’t announce anything until it’s more solidly confirmed.

Happy gaming,

The Lost Muse

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