Monday Musings: Complications & Campaigns

Last week, I wrote about exposition; this week, it’s time for complications! In a narrative, the complication is the part which introduces the conflict. It’s Gandalf asking about the Ring at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring, Captain America receiving the super-soldier serum just in time to capture the enemy agents sent toContinue reading “Monday Musings: Complications & Campaigns”

Favourite Thing: Pathfinder Wiki

This week, my favourite thing is the Pathfinder Wiki. When I’m playing or running a game set in Golarion, this is an indispensable resource. Want to know which deities are which alignment, what a city is like, or key information about metaphysics? Pathfinder Wiki. Check it out. When I started running games back in 2001,Continue reading “Favourite Thing: Pathfinder Wiki”

Ysoki Part 2: Heritages

Ysoki can select any of the goblin heritages. Blog post complete! Just kidding, although that’s a good start; I imagine the Ysoki in a fantasy setting being industrious and adaptable to a variety of environments. In my sequel campaign (see Monday Musings) the Ysoki could be primarily aligned with Kærth, but that would almost automaticallyContinue reading “Ysoki Part 2: Heritages”

Monday Musings: Exposition and Campaign Structure

As I continue thinking about the shape of my next campaign, I know I want a strong central hook. This doesn’t have to be a level 1-20 campaign, and I’m really looking for something that I can finish running in about four weeks. (Why four weeks, you might be thinking? My group has a roundContinue reading “Monday Musings: Exposition and Campaign Structure”

Favourite Thing Friday

This week, my Favourite Thing is Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, a weekly podcast produced by Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws. These veteran game designers group their discussions into a number of “huts” including the Gaming Hut, Trade-Craft Hut, Elliptany Hut. Topics discussed revolve around game design, game mastering, how to write well,Continue reading “Favourite Thing Friday”

Ysoki in Pathfinder Second Edition

I had the chance to play a one-shot of Starfinder recently, and created a Ysoki technomage I’d really like to play again; however, we’ll be playing Pathfinder Second Edition for the foreseeable future, so here’s my conversion. The text below is open game content. Ysoki Mechanics Hitpoints: 6 Size: Small Speed: 25 feet Ability Boosts:Continue reading “Ysoki in Pathfinder Second Edition”

Monday Musings: Sequel Campaigns Part 2

After writing some background material, I’ve decided not to start writing up backgrounds just yet. Instead, I’m really trying to get a sense of the whys and whats of the upcoming campaign. Here is where the classic five stage plot model can come in handy. For reference, here are how I adapt the five stagesContinue reading “Monday Musings: Sequel Campaigns Part 2”

Favourite Thing Friday

This week, the favourite thing I’d like to share is Know Direction, the Pathfinder News Reviews and Interviews podcast. A couple of big highlights: interviews with Paizo staff, great hosts, and interesting topics. In the last year they’ve been pretty focused on covering the Pathfinder play test and the launch of Pathfinder Second Edition. YouContinue reading “Favourite Thing Friday”

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