Campaign Plot Structure: Resolutions

It’s the end of the road for this series (next week I’m going to start working through an adaptation of The Tempest to Pathfinder Second Edition that you won’t want to miss) which means we are talking resolutions. The resolution in a narrative is the reestablishing of the status quo, and one big thing thatContinue reading “Campaign Plot Structure: Resolutions”

Madness and the Four Degrees of Success

Pathfinder Second Edition includes something that was only ever implied in the first edition: four degrees of success. Every check (by check, I mean rolling a d20) has a number (typically the DC, or Difficulty Class) which must be equalled or exceeded for the check to be successful. Last time, as I was discussing olderContinue reading “Madness and the Four Degrees of Success”

Crisis on Moonfallen Earth!

Just a quick recap: we’ve discussed the expository phase and the use of complications. Now it’s time for the crisis! Technically, the crisis is the event that leads immediately forward on to the climax. While this is sometimes clear, it can be debatable which single event in a complex narrative leads to the obvious climax.Continue reading “Crisis on Moonfallen Earth!”

Monday Musings: Metaphysical Interlude

I’m taking a quick break from my narrative structure series to ask the question: are the Kærthi people, as antagonists, irrevocably evil kill on sight types? In traditional fantasy rpgs, it is just fine to kill IRC’s and goblins without much thought. They are “Always Chaotic Evil,” so it’s fine. After all, murder hobos gottaContinue reading “Monday Musings: Metaphysical Interlude”

NPC / Monster / Hazard Creation Rules Preview

Paizo posted an excerpt from the upcoming Gamemastery Guide Monster and NPC creation rules, and since I’m signed up to use the compatibility licence (you can tell because I’ve got the fine print and logo at the bottom) I got a heads up in my e-mail! (If you’d like a copy of your very own,Continue reading “NPC / Monster / Hazard Creation Rules Preview”

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