Characters and Adapting the Tempest

The first few scenes of a play are dedicated to introducing the cast and explaining the initial situation. In Shakespeare’s version of The Tempest, this exposition includes having a ship hit a sudden storm, brief exploration of the relationships between Prospero, Ariel, Miranda, and Caliban, and some explanation as to Prospero’s motivation to cause aContinue reading “Characters and Adapting the Tempest”

Ancestry Option: The Whoms

The Whoms, those plucky celebrators guard the Spirit of Christmas and their annual celebrations prevent the incursion of unspeakable eldritch abominations into the material plane. For countless generations, the Whoms have kept up with their annual celebration, eventually forgetting its original purpose and staging ever more elaborate ceremonies including the exchange of gifts, children playingContinue reading “Ancestry Option: The Whoms”

Getting Started With Pathfinder Second Edition

In lieu of a favourite thing this week, I thought I’d write a post about getting started playing Pathfinder Second Edition. While the core rule book is currently about $65 Canadian, it is possible to play Pathfinder for almost free. Almost Free: Dice-you could make some chits and put them in a hat, but youContinue reading “Getting Started With Pathfinder Second Edition”

Downtime Activities

One of the new things in Pathfinder Second Edition is the division of some activities into the category of Downtime Activities. These activities are: Craft (Crafting) Earn Income (Crafting, Lore, Performance) Treat Disease (Medicine) Create Forgery (Society) Subsist (Society, Survival) Retraining Today, I’d like to discuss one of the options from a narrative perspective: CraftContinue reading “Downtime Activities”

Monday Musings: Adapting The Tempest

The Tempest is often regarded as Shakespeare’s last great play, and it has a lot to offer an audience: shipwrecks, romance, faeries and magic, and lots of courtly intrigue. The protagonist Prospero has orchestrated his brother’s shipwreck as part of an elaborate revenge plot in which he will reclaim his title of Duke. His daughterContinue reading “Monday Musings: Adapting The Tempest”

Favourite Thing: Tabletop Babble

First, thank you James for the shoutout! It made my day! Tabletop Babble is one my my favourite gaming podcasts-James interviews designers from across the world of tabletop. And when I say across the world, I’m not joking. This week, he interviewed Zedeck Siew and I was fascinated by the discussion of decolonized gaming inContinue reading “Favourite Thing: Tabletop Babble”

Campaign Plot Structure: Resolutions

It’s the end of the road for this series (next week I’m going to start working through an adaptation of The Tempest to Pathfinder Second Edition that you won’t want to miss) which means we are talking resolutions. The resolution in a narrative is the reestablishing of the status quo, and one big thing thatContinue reading “Campaign Plot Structure: Resolutions”

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